DevOps, Cloud and Maintenance Support

Budgeted, scheduled, and synchronized. Our project managers receive details and address project needs through pragmatic planning, risk identification, and iterative delivery.

We invest the time to understand your vision. Our goal is to zero in on the ultimate objectives and goals of the product you want to create and to understand the ecosystem you’re operating in. We then work together to transform this vision into a well-defined set of product requirements and milestones. We aspire to minimize the number of operational assumptions and craft a lean minimum viable product that brings your vision to life.

The best project managers are translators, ensuring everyone speaks the same language and understands who’s accomplishing what, when. Maintaining a 360-degree view across your project benefits the entire team with an all-knowing perspective.

Vivus uses agile development methodology, which means we work in sprints to create incremental, iterative mobile, software, and web applications that are tested, tempered, and ready for release. Being Agile means we’re as flexible as project management needs to be keeping your project on-budget and on-schedule.

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