Custom Software and Mobile App Development

Engineering is an art. An exact art so that software, mobile, and web apps can work flawlessly every time, for every user. We integrate engineering strategy at the outset of your project in order to assess the scope, technical requirements, approach, and feasibility. Doing this positions your custom applications to prove value year after year as well as builds trust with us.

World class engineers: Vivus is a fully distributed team which means we hire for expertise, passion, and adaptability. This is just one of the ways that makes Vivus unique, ensuring worldly, talented individuals that will be working on your projects.

Vivus uses leading programming technology. Next.js and React.js allow us to concentrate on advanced features on the front end. Python is a time-tested language offering simplicity and productivity. Node.js and Django lead the pack in terms of enabling scalable, maintainable apps. We know those are some fancy names of programming languages and libraries, but they are definitely notable as giants such as Instagram, Pinterest, Uber, and Netflix use some of these technologies.

Future-proofing is of utmost importance when developing software and is completely woven throughout our entire developing process. Technology is constantly changing and it’s critical for software to be able to be updated instead of completely rewritten at a later date. That’s why robust application and test scripts are written with regard for potential development needs.

Vivus crafts code that is clean, secure, and stable. We use the best frameworks and libraries to build progressive web applications that exceed accessibility and reliability requirements, while also maintaining security.

Simultaneously with development, Vivus writes and runs automated scripts that puts pressure on choke points. Along side in-depth regression and performance testing, we test common user flows along with edge cases, ensuring a smooth experience for all. Vivus ensures that your custom web/mobilee applications work flawlessly, just as they were crafted, and can handle any volume or load. This exposes any bugs so they can be addressed before issues arise.

The vast expertise of Vivus in engineering and the quality assurance processes validate full compatibility with your existing systems. We anticipate how users and data will transition between systems, testing those pathways for security and stability across a range of scenarios and platforms.

Project management and Strategy

Budgeted, scheduled, and synchronized. Our project managers receive details and address project needs through pragmatic planning, risk identification, and iterative delivery.

We invest the time to understand your vision. Our goal is to zero in on the ultimate objectives and goals of the product you want to create and to understand the ecosystem you’re operating in. We then work together to transform this vision into a well-defined set of product requirements and milestones. We aspire to minimize the number of operational assumptions and craft a lean minimum viable product that brings your vision to life.

The best project managers are translators, ensuring everyone speaks the same language and understands who’s accomplishing what, when. Maintaining a 360-degree view across your project benefits the entire team with an all-knowing perspective.

Vivus uses agile development methodology, which means we work in sprints to create incremental, iterative mobile, software, and web applications that are tested, tempered, and ready for release. Being Agile means we’re as flexible as project management needs to be keeping your project on-budget and on-schedule.

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