5 Reasons Businesses Must-Have a Mobile App

The way businesses interact with customers today has changed and one of the biggest changes is taking place within mobile apps and mobile app development

by Andrew S., March 23, 2020

Businesses should want to reach as many customers as possible. To make that happen, companies need to utilize several communication channels so potential customers have a way to engage and learn about their business. Regardless of the products or services a company offers, every business needs to showcase their work to the world with limited distractions. The ways businesses interact with customers today has changed dramatically compared to the last couple of decades. Some of the most important changes that this change is taking place, is in the mobile market.

Thanks to the surge in popularity of smartphones and tablets, the way customers interact with businesses has permanently changed. These devices thrive almost everywhere to assist in people with their everyday communication and allow them to connect with anyone, anywhere. As a result, people are turning their attention to their mobile devices more and more when they are looking for information, entertainment or simply out of habit. Therefore, it is more important than ever that companies work with development companies to create their own mobile apps. In this article, we will dive further into the importance of mobile app development and how it will benefit your business. 

5 reasons businesses must-have a mobile app:

  1. Universality
  2. Developing Customer Loyalty
  3. Contact Us
  4. Social Media Presence
  5. Push Notifications

The universality of mobile apps cannot be understated since mobile devices have become ingrained in so many people’s daily life. From waiting in traffic to checking the news to grocery shopping, people use their phones throughout the entire day. When a customer is using a communication channel with the frequency of a smartphone, it allows businesses to create more frequent contact and connection to the customer. This is why it is essential to interact with customers in the mobile space.

Developing Customer Loyalty
Mobile apps can be a great tool to help you better understand the customer customer base in a particular market. Companies can collect customer feedback and other important data to help improve user experience and understand the customer’s needs. Another important data point that apps can be provided include geographic and demographic information about their customers. This can be invaluable when targeting audiences and deciding on the best way to attract them. 

Contact Us
Another advantage of developing a mobile app is being able to provide a convenient communication channel between the business and their users. If the business model includes support services, it is easier for a user to get in contact with the companies support team through their mobile app. You can go the extra mile by including a Q&A or educational section in your app, so users have the ability to solve frequently asked questions on their own.

Social Media Presence
One of the other massive changes to happen in business marketing is the integration of social media and it’s wide range of uses and applications. Audiences can share and discuss their opinion of a company and even promote their mobile apps, assuming they enjoy their experience the company provides. This in turn can increase brand presence and likeability over time. A good app development team that knows what they are doing can be the difference between a user talking positively about the company or bashing it. Make sure your mobile app is developed with care and includes the necessary ways to interact with your business’s social media accounts. 

Push Notifications
Mobile apps also have the added benefit of being able to send users push notifications. These can be used to further improve communication with a user by letting them know of brand updates, discounts or special messages. Additionally, geo-tags add an extra dimension to push notifications by providing users with a tailored experience based on location data.  

In Summary
Mobile applications serve a very unique role in the communication between a business and consumers. A well thought out mobile app can elevate your understanding of your user base as well as the user’s experience with your brand. Now is a great time to jump in the mobile space since the universality of mobile phones makes it possible to reach a wider range of people and additionally improve your user growth in the process.

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