UI/UX Design Trends to Maximize Friendliness in 2020

UI/UX trends to keep an eye out for in 2020.

by Andrew S., March 19, 2020

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) trends can be tough to keep track of given the turnstile nature of design trends. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of UI/UX trends to keep an eye out for in 2020. Here is our take on the trends that are sure to be popular in the UI/UX landscape this year including


This year there will be a large emphasis on creating content that has meaning and value behind it rather than just focusing on the SEO side of the content. Areas of design that are trending include dynamic animation, mobile-focused design, blended experiences, data visualization, and opinionated content. Audiences appreciate a brand with a meaningful message and too often these days we find that message is mostly focused on sales. 


While website trends can be aesthetically pleasing, your website should stick to what is most appropriate for your brand. 

Some of the visual trends we are anticipating for 2020 include:

  • Negative space is useful in some designs because it can give the message some room to breathe, especially when you have multiple elements vying for attention
  • The asymmetrical design falls outside normal, cookie-cutter expectations. Use it to your advantage
  • High-quality animation in your design can really help a website stand out.


The most useful color palettes have remained fairly consistent from what was trending in 2019. We recommend any changes being made subtly with a focus on natural colors as opposed to saturated ones. Basically: tone it down.


Believe it or not, but your text will be read by other humans and not just search engines. In 2020 content will be focused on pleasant human experience rather than just traditional UX writing.

Rather than a button text saying “Send Message”, how about “Send Us A Message. We love reading them”. Personal style will help the user experience, when appropriate for the brand.

Experience (UX)

Too often in tech, the mobile experience is an afterthought, and now is the time to make sure your user experience is properly done on mobile. A good mobile experience can help ensure a user will return to your page while on-the-go.

A great way to go the extra mile is to have the navigation elements fit in unison with the visual design, this way your website’s UX will be fairly unique. Word of warning however, this can be tricky to pull off effectively otherwise you run the risk of becoming gimmicky and impractical. 



This year may not bring with it the most revolutionary trends for web development, but these trends do provide more depth and nuance than in prior years. Be sure not to miss out on these subtle 2020 UI/UX design trends.

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