MiddleApp approached us with their idea to build a web and mobile application to improve collaboration in the office, we were excited to work with them to innovate the enterprise social media sphere.


The Basecraft team had conceptualized a revolutionary new concept for an enterprise social media application in which they called Middle. They were looking for an experienced software development team which could build their new product. Basecraft envisioned Middle to be a web and mobile application that would enable companies to facilitate a true culture of collaboration—a digital hub for employees to keep track of happenings around the workspace.

To succeed, this app would need to offer a comprehensive assortment of features to serve as a one-stop-shop for employees to communicate and collaborate.  Importantly, employees using the app would need to be able to store important documents; let different users check in and out of workflows; and manage team goals – all via a unitary, streamlined, user-friendly interface.  The app would also need to provide for centralized company-wide communication, allowing for messages like special announcements for company events (and even interactive polls) to be quickly distributed across the organization.


Machine Learning


Basecraft Inc

React Native app build