Whistle: The World’s First Sports Officiating App

Vivus created new features and improved existing features on Whistle’s mobile application to improve the app's functionality. Read the case study here.

by Andrew S., Feb. 25, 2020

Need to find an officiant for your local recreational sports tournament, or looking for a game to referee as an officiant? The Whistle app (, the world’s first sports officiating marketplace, is a one-stop-shop solution. The Whistle app uncomplicates finding an officiant for organized sports matches. Officiants can sign up for the Whistle app and fill out a user profile to be matched to sports leagues and tournaments based on location, increasing exposure to organized sports events and not limiting referees to a single association or region. With Whistle, officiants can create and manage a schedule, apply for open positions, chat with organizers, and report any issues that may come up. The app also has a dedicated system to process payments for officiating via same-day direct deposit.

Whistle approached us after launching their app to improve the features offered. We were excited to work with them to improve upon their innovative product. Here at Vivus, we excel in developing customized solutions to improve the overall function and productivity of apps to power business. As sports fans ourselves, we were thrilled at the prospect of being able to help local sports aficionados find the officiants needed to play in recreational sports leagues and tournaments.

Working to Add to Whistle’s Features

Vivus worked with Whistle to improve both the mobile and web applications. We created new features and made bug fixes to existing features to improve functionality. We added the ability to match referees and games and created different price levels for individual games.

Improving upon Whistle’s Mobile and Web Platform and Servers

The features we added help improve the utility of Whistle for local people looking to referee a nearby sports match, and help set up a tiered pricing model so that more experienced referees or those working more or longer hours can get paid more. Finally, we smoothed out bugs to provide an overall better and more streamlined user experience. In adding these functionalities, we helped make Whistle as user-friendly and commonsense as possible.

  • Website and Server Fixes and Upgrades using PHP, MySQL, VueJS, and JavaScript. We used a variety of database and web-based tools to improve upon the website and server and improve performance and functionality for the Whistle app.
  • Mobile Development: React Native for mobile applications. React Native is an open-source mobile application framework developed by Facebook. Using React Native, we implemented a solution that would work on both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Whistle came to us to improve their existing product, and we worked to develop a solution tailored to their specific needs as a sports-related app meant to recruit local officiants for recreational leagues and tournaments. The features and bug fixes we implemented for Whistle help make the app easier to use and boast more powerful functionality that can help facilitate local sports matches and help people have more fun on the sports field. Thanks to our work on their server, web, and mobile platforms, Whistle can reach an even greater audience and help recreational sports players find an officiant for their next game, helping keep more people happy and healthy and giving officiants a way to make money doing what they love.

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