Middle: An Enterprise-Grade Collaboration Hub

Vivus created a custom website and mobile application for Basecraft using React Native and Django. Read the case study here.

by Andrew S., Sept. 7, 2019

Here at Vivus, our strength lies in our ability to perform all the legwork needed to make your digital product come to life. That’s why when Basecraft approached us with their idea to build a web and mobile application to improve collaboration in the office, we were excited to work with them to innovate the enterprise social media sphere. 

A Truly Collaborative Workplace App

The Basecraft team had conceptualized a revolutionary new concept for an enterprise social media application in which they called Middle. They were looking for an experienced software development team which could build their new product. Basecraft envisioned Middle to be a web and mobile application that would enable companies to facilitate a true culture of collaboration—a digital hub for employees to keep track of happenings around the workspace. 

To succeed, this app would need to offer a comprehensive assortment of features to serve as a one-stop-shop for employees to communicate and collaborate.  Importantly, employees using the app would need to be able to store important documents; let different users check in and out of workflows; and manage team goals – all via a unitary, streamlined, user-friendly interface.  The app would also need to provide for centralized company-wide communication, allowing for messages like special announcements for company events (and even interactive polls) to be quickly distributed across the organization.

Building Middle

Middle needed a software development partner to help take this concept from the idea stage to a market-ready enterprise application, and they brought in Vivus to help. Our team came with the experience needed to integrate multiple technology stacks into an app that not only delivers key features but does so through a simple and straightforward user interface and experience which could drive the app’s adoption.  The technologies we used to craft this digital solution included:

  • Web Development using Python and JavaScript (Django/ReactJS).  We designed and implemented Middle with a combination of Python and JavaScript, using the Django/ReactJS frameworks.  The resulting product boasts a streamlined user experience which is easy to navigate in order to facilitate adoption of the app and promote employee communication and collaboration.
  • API Development: Django REST Framework with full CRUD Functionality.  Application programming interfaces, or APIs, make programming simpler and faster which can save time and effort down the line.  We built a web API, using the Django REST framework with full CRUD functionality, to improve user interaction.
  • Notification and Task Management using Celery and Redis.  Celery is an open source Python framework used for scheduling, while Redis is an open source, in-memory data store with sub-millisecond response times.  Using Celery and Redis helped us build a platform to enable real-time interaction between employees and improve task management.
  • Mobile Development: React Native for multi-device application.  React Native is an open source mobile application framework developed by Facebook which is utilized in Android, iOS, Web, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) systems.  Using React Native, we implemented a solution which would work on many different devices, including both on web- and mobile-based platforms.

About Middle

We successfully developed a single, unified collaboration solution—enabling seamless collaboration for users throughout an entire company—whether onsite or remote, mobile or desktop. Instead of piecing together a cumbersome collection of discrete collaboration tools, Middle customers can instead focus their collaboration tooling on a single, full-service application, which both saves time and effort, and improves productivity.

About Vivus 

Vivus understands how to work with clients to turn leading technologies into high-quality finished products that solve real, ground-level business problems. 

Our dedicated experts here at Vivus would love to work with you to define, design, and build digital products.  We offer custom software, mobile, and web application development and testing.  Learn more about Vivus and what we can do for your organization at Vivus.

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