Basecraft: A New Way to Unite Sports Aficionados

Vivus created Basecraft’s custom mobile application with React Native and Django to organize and manage recreational sports events. Read the case study here.

by Andrew S., Sept. 8, 2019

Basecraft Inc recognized the immense value of recreational sports as a way to stay active and connected to the community.  However, they had identified a significant challenge – finding, much less organizing, a local game.  The conventional methods of recruiting people for a recreational sports team – flyering, posting on Craigslist, and so on – are too vague and don’t cater to the people who might actually be interested in participating in recreational sports teams.  Especially given the ubiquity of the internet and smartphones, in particular, Basecraft had a more high-tech idea in mind that would allow anyone with a mobile device to locate the nearest recreational soccer match or help basketballers plan their next pick-up game.

The Idea 

Basecraft wanted to build an app that would help people get out and play together – a platform for not only putting users in touch with local recreational sports and other, healthy, active adventures, but which would also take care of the tricky and sometimes complex logistical details involved.  In short, the app would offer all the tools needed to organize and manage recreational sports events with minimal effort.

Here at Vivus, we understand what it takes to build the digital products you need to take your organization to the next level.  Our experts are knowledgeable in UX/UI design, software development, quality assurance, and business analysis needed to build successful apps, web interfaces, and other digital solutions.  They realized that developing such an app would require integrating multiple technology stacks for an intuitive, simple user experience that could easily allow users to organize and attend events.  Furthermore, our solution would need to offer the same functionality to all users – whether on web or mobile platforms.


Building the Basecraft App

To deliver on this goal, our experts here at Vivus crafted a customized, multifaceted digital solution using several different tools:

  • Web Development using Python and JavaScript (Django/ReactJS).  We designed and implemented the Basecraft web app using a combination of Python and JavaScript, using the Django/ReactJS frameworks, for a streamlined user experience.
  • API Development: Django REST Framework with full CRUD Functionality.  We built a web API using Django REST framework. APIs or application programming interfaces make programming simpler and faster which can save time and effort down the line.  This API offers full CRUD functionality to improve user interaction.
  • Notification and Task Management using Celery and Redis.  Celery is an open source Python framework used for scheduling, while Redis is an open source, in-memory data store with extremely fast response times that are less than a millisecond.  We used Celery and Redis to power notifications and help manage tasks on the Basecraft platforms.
  • Mobile Development: React Native for multi-device application.  React Native is an open source mobile application framework developed by Facebook for use in Android, iOS, Web, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) systems.  Using React Native, we implemented a solution which would work on many different devices, including both on a web- and mobile-based platform.


About the Basecraft App

Vivus was able to deliver a consumer-facing application that truly transforms the way people can organize local recreational sports events.  In this web- and mobile-based app, users enter their preferences for activity types and receive personalized recommendations for nearby events.  Organizers and users can register for games, collect/pay fees, and chat—all from once place. Meanwhile, sports managers can create and manage events and schedules straight from the app.

Basecraft opens up whole new possibilities—like finding pick-up games even when you’re traveling, setting up impromptu matches at a moment’s notice, and offering paid registration without forcing league organizers to commit to the onerous process of collecting cash from every player.

Basecraft provided a powerful concept, and Vivus helped make it a reality.

About Vivus 

Vivus understands how to develop consumer facing software assets that function as core offerings for innovative new brands.

We here at Vivus are a team of dedicated experts that can help you define, design, and build digital products.  We offer custom software, mobile, and web application development and testing.  Learn more about Vivus and what it can do for your organization at Vivus

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